What watch size is right for you?

What watch size is right for you?

Some say that depending on your wrist size, that you are limited to the size of watch you wear. We will leave the criticizing of your watch size choice to the watch snobs, but we do want you know what each size will look like on your wrist for your personal tastes. 

An easy way to get a feel for what watch size you might want, you first will want to measure your wrist. This can easily be done by using a dollar bill as a measure. Modern US Paper Currencies are 6 inches in length. Wrap it around your wrist to find the circumference of your wrist.

If your wrist is 6 to 7 inches you are considered to have a medium to small size wrist.

If your wrist is 7.5 to 8 inches in circumference, you are considered to have a larger wrist.

  • Smaller watches of up to 36mm usually look proportional on a 6” wrist or less.
  • Mid-sized watches 38mm to 42mm will look more proportional on a 6” to 7” wrist.
  • Larger watches of 44mm to 46mm will look more proportional on a 7” to 8” wrist.

Most watch websites will classify the size of their watches by gender, but in all reality, anyone can wear any size watch. Many men prefer a smaller watch, and many women want to wear larger watches. Many vintage watches are considerably smaller than watches made today, and some of the most famous or most powerful people in the world continue to wear these. It is really all personal preference, and picking what truly makes you happy, which is why we started Vadem Corvus in the first place!